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Shophandmadeuk - Hello 2020

Hello everyone, I know it is now February but just wanted to check in with you all via this blog and wish you a belated Happy New Year. Let's make this year, a big one!

We kicked off the year in a charitable style, starting in January with our first ever fundraising event - where we sold stainless steel disc keyrings with 'shop handmade uk' laser engraved on them to raise money for the relief efforts of the devastating bushfires that destroyed Australia from September onwards. All profits from the keyrings and some lovely extra donations went to The Red Cross Australia and the total amounted to £153 in total.
Hopefully we will do more things like this in the future too!

We still have our facebook group which you can interact and share your own posts in! And of course we still have our Instagram where we can feature you! We now have over 14,000 followers on there which is amazing!
Hope this year is treating you well so far and here's to the rest of 2020!

Holly -shophandmadeuk

Shophandmadeuk Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Shophandmadeuk Christmas Gift Guide 2019
Let's all aim to try and shop small this Christmas. Whether you purchase one gift from a small handmade business or all of your gifts this Christmas.
Shopping from small handmade businesses this Christmas ensures more than just the gift recipient will have a smile on their face. It also means the recipient will receive something hand made with love, time and passion and that the item will be a one off piece, as nothing handmade can be made identical to another like a mass production factory would.
Buy one of one, not one of a million!
Some people may think that handmade items are more expensive than those sold in large high street shops, but that is not always the case, and handmade items will always be made to a higher quality and standard due to the time, love and care put into them.
Here are a few businesses we think sell lovely handmade items perfect for gift-giving this festive season!


Q&A with The Spinneyfield Stitchery

Q&A with The Spinneyfield Stitchery
A little bit about you...
I am Harriet from The Spinneyfield Stitchery and I'm from Rotherham, South Yorkshire. I live with my family, my husband, my son, my stepdaughter and our cat. I do have a regular job too just in case!
What you do...
I make modern and simple cross stitch designs and kits that I sell both online and at craft fairs. My ethos is community over competition and I like to reflect this in my advertising. I am about to extend my range to include themed mystery boxes where each box is based around a theme and filled with lots of cross stitching goodies, patterns, supplies and treats. The first one will be Christmas themed. It will champion five other UK small businesses too as I'm adamant I'd like to support others in getting their name seen and heard in the correct market. All my kits are suitable for beginners and come with a 'How To' guide and I feel are priced very competitively for the market, yet offer far mo…

Q&A with AJ Illustration

Q&A with AJ Illustration
A little bit about you...
My name is Amy Jackson aka AJ Illustration, I’m 24 and I’m from South Wales. I’m currently working as a freelance illustrator, focusing on building my portfolio and business.

What you do...
Although I mainly work as a freelance illustrator, taking commercial and private commissions such as family portraits or wedding stationary, I also sell prints, greeting cards and stationary. I’ve recently launched a t-shirt and tote bag design with 50% of the profits will be donated to the Plastic Oceans charity (, a great organisation that aims to stop plastic pollution which is something that needs to happen sooner rather than later. In an effort to be as environmentally conscious as possible, I have launched the design through Print Social, where the tshirts and bags will be printed to order to reduce waste. I specialise in a dotwork style of drawing, using a fine liner or depending on the brief, I will often use Adobe Photosho…

Q&A with Hairy Yeti

Q&A with Hairy Yeti

A little bit about you..
Hi All! My name is Harriet from Hairy Yeti and I'm in my 20's working my full time job as a graphic designer in a garden machinery company, while also trying to stay creative making handmade polymer clay earrings. I'm originally from Wolverhampton in the Black Country but now live in Nottingham when I met and followed my boyfriend Chris (not in a creepy way) about 5 years ago! From marketing in my day job to marketing my own work of an evening - it can be tough! However making and seeing my small indie business grow makes it all worthwhile. As well as growing my own shop, I love to support other creative's and making new friends. From organising group loop giveaways to collaborations with other makers! What you do...
At Hairy Yeti I hand make all my earrings from Fimo polymer clay. The great thing about polymer clay is it's extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, even our larger pieces are super light! We also cate…

Marketing tips and general advice for your small business

Marketing tips and general advice for your small business
With the small business / handmade business sector ever growing it is becoming harder and harder to set your business apart from the rest. 
As a small business owner pricing your products competitively can have a detrimental impact on the success of your business, so to keep your head above water you need to make sure you stand apart from the crowd in other ways. Whether that is done by the uniqueness of your product that nobody else can compare to or the exceptional customer service that you provide. However if nobody knows about your business then it doesn't matter how unique the product is, how well made the product is, nor the price or the customer service, people aren't going to come to you as they aren't aware you exist.

Algorithms and website statistics make being seen even harder but there are some things  you can do to improve how your business is marketed to potential customers.

Audience - Think about:  Who you…