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Father's Day Gift Guide 2020

Father's Day Gift Guide 2020

Father's Day - Sunday 21st June 2020.

Father's Day is a special day to celebrate the loving bond between father and child. Of course this, like Mother's Day, can be a sensitive subject for some, for those who perhaps have lost their father or have never known their father. Whatever your circumstances this day can be used to celebrate and show love towards the father-like figure in your life, whether that is your dad, brother, uncle, grandad, cousin or friend. It should be celebrated with someone who inspires you to be your best self, someone who cares about your happiness and is there for you when you need them most. 
Due to the coronavirus pandemic not all of us are lucky enough to live with our father figure or even be near them (don't forget the 2 metre rule) so this year it is more important than ever to make our presence known, whether a phone call, a video chat, a card in the post or a small gift through the letterbox, however you ch…

Stronger Together

Stronger Together...

We are in scary and uncertain times at the moment so please look out for eachother...especially those who are elderly or those who are more vulnerable.
Let's be kind and support eachother and stop being selfish and inconsiderate...because lets face it; we wouldn't have won the war if we acted like how we have been recently and we won't win this one either.
Make sure you stay updated with the daily updates and news for advice and updates of the situation. Keep yours hands clean and your face covered when coughing and self-isolate if you present any of the symptoms including a new and persistent cough or a high temperature 37.8°C or more.
Please stay safe and stay strong - us small businesses are going to take a big hit and I am devastated to see so many people who have either chosen or been forced to close their businesses permanently already and some who have closed temporarily until this settles.
We need to stick together and support eachother where we can…

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020
Mothering Sunday - Sunday 22nd March 2020.
Mother's Day is a day to celebrate the loving bond between mother and child. But it can be a sensitive subject and time for many, some who can't be a mother, some who have lost their mother, etc. I think this day should be used to celebrate the 'mother like figure' in your life, whether that is your mum, auntie, grandma, sister, cousin or friend. It should be spent with someone who inspires you to be your best self, someone who is there for you when you need it most, at the happy times and the low times. 
Of course you don't need to spend money to show someone you care but if you do want to show your appreciation then here are a few gift ideas you could purchase for that special woman in your life.
Just click the links below the images to be taken to the social media pages or shops!

First off, we have Fair Bloom Jewellery with their elegant and unique Swarovski pearl jewellery, perfect for a wom…

Shophandmadeuk - Hello 2020

Hello everyone, I know it is now February but just wanted to check in with you all via this blog and wish you a belated Happy New Year. Let's make this year, a big one!

We kicked off the year in a charitable style, starting in January with our first ever fundraising event - where we sold stainless steel disc keyrings with 'shop handmade uk' laser engraved on them to raise money for the relief efforts of the devastating bushfires that destroyed Australia from September onwards. All profits from the keyrings and some lovely extra donations went to The Red Cross Australia and the total amounted to £153 in total.
Hopefully we will do more things like this in the future too!

We still have our facebook group which you can interact and share your own posts in! And of course we still have our Instagram where we can feature you! We now have over 14,000 followers on there which is amazing!
Hope this year is treating you well so far and here's to the rest of 2020!

Holly -shophandmadeuk

Shophandmadeuk Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Shophandmadeuk Christmas Gift Guide 2019
Let's all aim to try and shop small this Christmas. Whether you purchase one gift from a small handmade business or all of your gifts this Christmas.
Shopping from small handmade businesses this Christmas ensures more than just the gift recipient will have a smile on their face. It also means the recipient will receive something hand made with love, time and passion and that the item will be a one off piece, as nothing handmade can be made identical to another like a mass production factory would.
Buy one of one, not one of a million!
Some people may think that handmade items are more expensive than those sold in large high street shops, but that is not always the case, and handmade items will always be made to a higher quality and standard due to the time, love and care put into them.
Here are a few businesses we think sell lovely handmade items perfect for gift-giving this festive season!


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